Izzy and Jean on the move!

My gorgeous partner, Claire, runs an online store and posted this on her blog the other day. I for one cant wait to see the house when its finished, although it looks like I will be outside ‘doing the farming’ most of the time. You can subscribe to her blog here if you want: http://izzyandjean.co.nz/blogs/weekly-blog


Posted on October 03, 2013 by claire ongley | 0 Comments

It’s been an exciting week at our house. After some tense negotiations, we have just bought ourselves a farm. It’s located an hour out of Wellington, just near Otaki. We will be farming pigs (free range of course!) and experimenting with a few other farming-related ventures on the side.

Until now, I have been a city dweller – the bigger the better. I’ve lived in New York, Barcelona and Sydney, and always loved the buzz and excitement of the big city. But now the call of the wild has lured me in. Isn’t it funny how your priorities can change….drastically. These days I can think of nothing better than getting out of the hustle, and getting back to the land. Mind you, I won’t be getting my fingernails too dirty. My partner Daniel will be doing most of the farming, and I will be running Izzy and Jean Co.

And then of course, there’s the house. This will be the first house that I have ever owned, and at 38, I am itching to get in there and start making it my own. The many hours browsing magazines and Pinterest, and the years of collecting bits and pieces, has left me armed with a mountain of stuff and ideas. Here are some of my dreams and inspirations for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room of our new humble abode.

I long for a timber kitchen table with white painted legs. This one is the ultimate.

via Pinterest.

A nook for our coats and gumboots. I love this coat rack made from a vintage sign.

via Designmom.com.

Simple luxury in the bathroom. Beautiful patterned tiles on the floor and oh, what a bathtub.

via deardesigner.co.uk.

Subway tiles for the kitchen and timber benchtops. Glorious.

via fazyluckers.com.

Mismatched industrial lampshades and chairs will look perfect at our timber farm table.

From Elle Decoration UK via Pinterest.

White in the bedroom for rest and relaxation. If only I could find a vintage bench seat like this one.

via Designinspiration.net.

A relaxed living room with cushions, rugs and check out that lampshade!

In search of the perfect rug… This is a gorgeous example of a Moroccan kilim. Check out Izzy and Jean Co.’s kilim rugs before I nab one to go in my new living room.

Our farm.

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